December 10, 2016


Flatag Technology is based on our own autonomous intelligent aerial secure system accompanied by the artificial intelligence and distributed multi-agent system.



Efficient algorithm

Flatag Technology is based on our own metaheuristic sollution of general transportation problem. This revolutionary Intelligent algorithm will compute all needed information faster than any other.


Drones can connect to a swarm – multi-agent system. All needed computations are distributed between each other.

Artificial intelligence

Because of in-swarm communications drones will avoid crushes and obstacles and in case of low battery charge they will automatically return to the depot and charge via wireless charger. They will continue to their task back again when fully charged.


Extended performance time (up tp 1 hour) due to the refuse of acrobatic maneuvers capability and flight altitude restriction.

Low weight (under 1 Kg): a camera connected on three axial suspension to quadrocopter.

Increased battery capacity (3500 mAH) because of the reducing the total weight of the structure.

Smart core: swarming capability increases KPI of each drone.

Low price ($499). No unnecessary additional modules, focusing only on the providing high-quality video stream from the air.

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