How drones make a swarm?

UAV swarming

UAV Swarming / swarm intelligence is a field of robotics research. Using appropriate software, our aerial robots can ascend synchronously, communicate with each other in mid air and create cross-references. Fixed formation group flights and complex acrobatic group flights are thus possible.

Why are decentralized control algorithms better than centralized control algorithms? The basic answer is they are more resilient, given a centralized algorithm has a single point of failure if its central controller goes offline.

Instead of each robot broadcasting to every other robot a complete map of safe space around it, the decentralized algorithm has robots only share maps with their immediate neighbors and also has each calculate where neighbors’ maps intersect with their own — sharing only relevant intersected data on to the next neighbor. So the idea is that, collectively, the team of robots maintains a comprehensive map of safe terrain while reducing the comms data needed to keep the swarm moving.

In practice swarming drones a implemented on the Flatag drones.

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