Ongoing and completed projects

Fault Injection Block

Model-based fault injection methods are widely used for the evaluation of fault tolerance in safety-critical control systems. They are recommended by modern industrial safety standards, including IEC 61508. This project is devoted to the developtment of the new model-based fault injection method implemented as a highly-customizable Simulink block called FIBlock. It supports the injection of typical faults of essential heterogeneous components of Cyber-Physical Systems such as sensors, computing hardware, and network.

The FIBlock GUI allows the user to select a fault type and configure multiple parameters to tune error magnitude, fault activation, and fault exposure times. Additional trigger inputs and outputs of the block enable the modeling of conditional faults. Furthermore, two or more FIBlocks connected with the trigger signals can model so-called chained errors.

Fault Injection Block enable conduction of the fault injection experiments for the model-based safety assessment.

FIBlock is available at GitHub and at MathWork website.

Attention! More detailed overview on FIBlock work with a test Simulink model is available in this article.

FIBlock example An example of a Simulink system with two FIBlocks.
FIBlock GUI FIBlock GUI window with a faut injection parameters.

Autonomous Intelligent Aerial Secure System

Flatag Technology is based on our own metaheuristic sollution of general transportation problem. This revolutionary Intelligent algorithm will compute all needed information faster than any other.

Drones operated by Flatag Technology have swarming capability. They communicate with each other to avoid crushes and obstacles and will find the shortest path.

All you have to do is set up coordinates. If drones will running low on battery they will automatically return to the depot and all you need is to charge them. Drones will connect to each other and distibute computations.

Flatag drones are intelligent enough to fly all by themself. You don’t need to manually operate them. AI will do all this work for you. All you need is to charge the Flatag drones and set the destination ponts for each drone. They will distribute computing betwean each other to find the best way to achive your goals.